electric car for GEN Y

  GEN Y selects both a bright, sporty, practical, economical car with lots of electronic gadgets. One of the main properties of the car for Generation Y is its manufacturability (adaptability). Young people used to be always in the middle of the action, and chat with friends for them is also important, so the decision to use the technology of transparent screens on the windows is the best (optimally), as it helps to save space and to express themselves that is necessary to young people. Through the visual information output to the windows of the car a man can make his car unique (to emphasize the mood, to share his plans with others), also windows can be used as a computer, this can only be used by passengers of the second row of seats. Split rear seats equipped with electric drive and can be rotated to display that facilitate access to the screen, and the landing to the salon. The same function is provided the seat next to the driver. On the windshield displays information associated with driving a car, access to information on the rear windows can be obtained using the touch screen on the center console that is fully synchronized with communicators and tablets. The dashboard is electronic, programmable at the discretion of the driver. Image with rear view camera displays on the screens located on the broad front racks.
  In addition, the car is compact enough to navigate through the densely populated city. Back row of seats is formed that allows you to create the luggage compartment in a small car, on the roof there is optional trunk in case of traveling with friends.  The driver can adjust the ride height (clearance), it allows to travel the light off-road.
  Shaping is in line with the concept of fluidic sculpture - brings the dynamics in the form of a car, and complements the style of the car with graceful and elegant lines of silver, intended to emphasize the manufacturability of exterior. Another key factor  in the design development for me was plastic of water (lipper) and its inhabitants. According to the conception, consumers should be created a feeling that  the smooth lines of the carcass created by nature itself, in which, as you know, everything is harmonious. In addition, through The plastic of water is expressed the freshness of the image  among the large stream, that characterizes young people. The image is designed in such a way as to induce positive emotions and emphasize youth and diversity of its audience of buyers.

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